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Watch China’s viral music video that mimics PSY’s Gangnam Style


The song Little Apple from a music video made by the Chopsticks Brothers has taken China by storm ever since its release. This is also the song used in the hilarious parody video starring Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un that North Korea wants erased from the internet. But the adventures of grass root talent and music duo Chopsticks Brothers didn’t start with, or will it end with this unique music video.

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Check out this clip from an episode of “Everybody Kimchi”, a k-drama thats about the kimchi industry.

In the episode, a grandma kimchi slaps the crap out of this guy.

7 Korean celebrities who prove that tans are sexy

We’re well into summer here in America, and I’m sure quite a few of our viewers are working on their summer tans! While the standard of beauty in Asia seems to be skewed towards pale skin, quite a few Korean celebrities embrace their tans and show just how sexy they can be. Let’s take a look at some of Korea’s hottest tanned celebs!

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