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9 Ways Glee Could Be A K-Drama


The news that Fox plans to develop an American adaptation of Answer Me 1997 caused quite a bit of internet buzz recently. And really, we shouldn’t be surprised by Fox’s interest, as there are so many American television shows that could learn lessons from K-dramas (like capping them at 20 episodes instead of way too many years). And that got me thinking. What would a show like Fox’sGlee (full disclaimer, this was a show I watched and loved for far, far too many seasons) be like as a K-drama? Daebak! It would be amazing.

Are you ready K-drama fans? I am about to prove why I should be the third Hong sister.

A singer with a heart of gold

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Marie Claire Korea reveal pictorial featuring JYJ + JYJ’s BTS video


Back on Tuesday, July 15th, Marie Claire had revealed JYJ’s cover photo as well as two additional photos inside the magazine; almost a week later on Sunday, July 20th, they had additionally uploaded their making of film, showing a short clip of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu acting both professional as well as humorous.

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