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Hello! The new website is really good looking but don't forget the RSS Feed because otherwise, a lot of people will miss a lot of news from you. :x Thanks !

Asked by zecafeine

Absolutely! We will be rolling out all the basic features daily! :)

For reference, Koreaboo has launched our new website at www.koreaboo.com

I know you're working on the website still (?) But is it only going to go to article number 28 on the home page?

Asked by Anonymous

Sorry, we will be fixing this asap!! :) It will be infinite scroll with all our articles once it’s complete. 

Hi, I saw the post that said you were moving to a different site; I was wondering if this blog will not be used anymore? The reason that I always come here for news is bc the format that lets people see many headlines at once by scrolling quickly (instead of constantly having to click to the next page) is really convenient. Is the other site going to be formatted similarly? Thank you for reading! :)

Asked by Anonymous

Yes! We will have it even easier to see now (www.koreaboo.com) as our new theme is very clean!

It will also display every article in a list format, with infinite scrolls (no need to click pages).

wait ill still be able to see your updates through this tumblr right?

Asked by Anonymous

Yes! We will continue to update our Tumblr, now with more photos, videos, and Tumblr-esque content. :)

We’re getting used to the move, so it may take a few more days!

i can't see any button to go on the next page of articles on your site. ): are you still in the middle of developing it?

Asked by Anonymous

Yes! Still a lot of changes to be made, especially to our mobile!! :)

Your site doesn't seem to update on mobile correctly anymore. Says last post 8 hours ago. I go on my computer and there's a ton of posts I missed. Please fix it's been like this for 2 days. Thanks :)

Asked by Anonymous


We are in the midst of moving to www.koreaboo.com please check out the website there! :)

Thank you so much! 

[★FEATURE] A Beautiful Close Ups of K-Pop Light Sticks


Fan oceans are a crucial part of any K-Pop concert - by night, they’re made of glowing light sticks and by day, colored balloons. We’ve all seen them - from TVXQ's red to FT Island's gold, to 2NE1's pink and purple. But rarely do we zoom in and take a closer look at the cleverly designed light sticks that make them up. 

Take a look at this list and pick a favourite! 

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